Introduction to lead-free Carbon Solder alloy


Trade Name Metal and Technology
Company Name Metal and Technology Inc.
Address<Head Office>
〒321-0621 Chuo,Nasukarasuyama-shi,Tochigi
TEL:0287-83-8689 FAX:0287-84-2127
<Tokyo Office>

〒160-0023 7-5-9-301,Nishi Shinjuku ,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo

TEL:03-5843-6384 FAX:03-5332-7029
Establishment 2009, July
President Shuichi Ito
Director  Motoyoshi Ijiichi
Technical Advisor
Kenichi Oshima
(Honorary Professor Tsukuba University)
Business Sales of Eco Copper and Carbon Soldering, licence management
Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shibuya Station Branch

Biography of Officers and Technical Advisor

Executive Team

Shuichi Ito
Born and raised in Fukuoka Prefecture, Graduate of Business Administration from Meiji University's Commerce and Industry Department. Worked as consultant for a foreign owned major cosmetic company, Established the Cyber Brains Corporation in the year 2000 (Currently:Rakuten Research Inc.) appointed as President. Establish the Medical Communication Corporation in 2006, presently serving as board chairman. He established the Metal and Technology, Inc. in 2009, and was appointed as President. He is currently the Director of the China Japan Cultural Relations Center and he is the director of NPO for the progress of China and Japanese Exchange Studies.
Motoyoshi Ijiichi
Born and raised in Tokyo. Graduate in Applied Sociology from Edogawa University's Social Sciences Department.
He entered the Shirogane Co. Ltd through a non-ferrous metals processing company in 2006.。
He is currently a member of the board of directors and manages non-ferrous metal production and product development.。

Biography of Technical Advisor

Tsukuba University Honorary Professor
Kenichi Oshima
Born and raised in Gunman Prefecture. After completing a his second doctorate degree in physics, he was awarded the Doctorate of Sciences degree.
He worked as an assistant at the Nagoya University faculty of Engineering, then became an adjunct professor at Tukuba University's Physical Engineering Department. He was a professor in Material Engineering, Mathematical Engineering Research・Molecular Engineering. He retired in March, 2010. Since 2001 he has been a member of the Editorial Board of the International Union of Crystallography.