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Personal Information Protection Policy

Metal and Technology, Inc. (referred to as "OurCompany" below) is aware of the importance of personal information protection,and considers its appropriate management as a social responsibility. From that perspective, the personal information protection policy our company implements on our company operated website is outlined in the following paragraphs. This policy is focused on the handling of personal information in accordance with this personal information protection policy; and the management and operation of our company website so customers can feel safe about their personal information while utilizing our website. When our company receives personal information via our website, we handle it in accordance with our personal
information protection policy. However, in cases when there are differing provisions from the personal information protection policy on webpages that are designated for the submission of personal information, those provisions will take precedence and be applicable to the personal information protection policy.

Definition of Personal Information

Our company considers the following information we receive from customers over the internet as personal information: e-mail addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers and other descriptive information that can lead to the discernment of a person, numbers and symbols containing personal attributes that can lead to the discernment of a person, other information that not lead to the discernment of a person, information that can easily refer to a person, and inherent information that can lead to the discernment of a person.

Collection of Personal Information

When we ask our customers to submit personal information the following describes the purpose and usage of that information. When we receive personal information we use it within the range of prescribed purposes, we do not use that information outside of those purposes without the customer's consent. When customers do not want to submit their personal information to our company, the customer can refuse to submit informatio at their discretion. Please note that in such cases, customers will not be able to user services provided via our website.

Providing Personal Information to a 3rd Party

At our company we do not disclose person information submitted by customers to a third party. However, that is not limited to the following instances.
When the customer agrees.
When there is a need to disclose personal information to implement a purpose that was previously described to the customer to enterprises that our company has formed non-disclosure agreements with, affiliated corporations and outsourcing agencies.
(for example: when submitting a seminar invitation to a shipping company)
In statistical data processing when customers cannot be differentiated.
Cases when submission of personal information cannot be denied by decree of

Safety Management of Personal Information

This section will clearly outline management of designated webpages where personal information is submitted to us by the customers.
Management is based on the protection of personal information submitted to us via our website. To prevent leakage, misappropriation and falsification we have installed a firewall, computer antivirus measures and other security measures.

Notes, Corrections and Deletion of Personal information

When notes, corrections and deletions are required by customers in regard to the personal information submitted to our company, please send requests to the site manager. Once the customers identity has been confirmed we will disclose, correct or delete personal information within a reasonable amount of time.

Personal Information Protection in Links

Our company cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information on other sites linked to our website. Customers are required to check the personal information policy of linked sites themselves to ensure their personal information in protected.


If customers have any unclear points in regards to our company's personal information protection policy, please visit the inquiries section of on the designated page where personal information is submitted.