Introduction to lead-free Carbon Solder alloy

Partner licensees

We at Metal And Technology, Inc. want to further provide Carbon Solders to the market in a timely manner. For this reason, following the way of thinking that cooperation with our partners is indispensable, we are currently recruiting partners who specialize in a wide range of fields such as product development and manufacture, sales and marketing and overseas expansion. For interested potential partners, please contact us by clicking here. After the patent acquisition, we will grant license to domestic and international solder manufacturers to use our patented product.

Product development partners

We would like to promote the development of our Carbon Solder to be used in a wide range of fields us as home appliances, electronics, automobiles, mobile phones and information technology. We are recruiting product development partners that would test the raw materials of Carbon Solder that are provided by us and develop the end product of the lead-free solder for us. For inquiries, please click


Manufacturing partners

We are recruiting partners that would cooperate with us in the manufacture of materials for lead-free solders using Carbon Solder. We will provide multiple know-how support for our partners that are essential in manufacturing such as the construction of manufacturing plants and the provision of technology to the plants. We are recruiting manufacturing partners not only in Japan, but also overseas. For inquiries, please click


Sales partners

We are recruiting a wide variety of partners such as commercial firms and manufacturers that would act as agent and distributor to sell Carbon Solder materials for us. We would together devise marketing methods and publicity work for the Carbon Solder. We are recruiting local and international sales partners. For inquiries, please click



The patent for the Carbon Solder is filed by Tsukuba University and Shirogane, Inc. under PCT. *Carbon Solder is already patented in Japan and China. The patent is currently being examined in the United States. For inquiries, please click